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We are happy to have grades TK-12 learning on campus. Find out how LLA is working to keep our community safe and healthy.  Call (909) 796-0161, option 1 or email or visit
Thank you for your interest in Loma Linda Academy. Whether you are curious and want to know a little more, or you are ready to apply now, we can help! 

Who are we? Loma Linda Academy is a Children’s Center through 12th grade Seventh-day Adventist school providing quality Christian education since 1906. We have come a long way from our humble beginnings and are proud to offer college preparatory curriculum and a wide range of opportunities for learning and growth. However, our mission remains the same: to provide a Christ-centered and nurturing environment to prepare students spiritually, academically, physically, and socially for higher education, for life in a global society and for eternity.

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  • Mission

    It is the mission of Loma Linda Academy for all to Grow in God’s Grace, Thrive Intellectually, Develop True Friendships, Embrace Healthful Living
  • Motto

    Eternal Principles, Intelligent Choices

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"I want my kids to find Christian fellowship, learn Christian values and gain Biblical knowledge. But, most importantly, I want them to find a deeper relationship with God. That's why I chose LLA."


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Student Testimonial

I can tell you from my experience, Loma Linda Academy will offer your child a well-rounded education. 

I was involved in two sports this year, cross country and basketball, and both helped me to connect with different types of people and find so many new friends! I’ve also found a deeper connection with God this year through our Friday chapels and student speakers.

All the students and teachers have created such a welcoming environment that has helped me make some amazing friendships!

Junior High

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  • Washington DC trip

    In 8th grade, the Washington, DC trip allows students to see, first-hand, the places and history that they have studied in class.
  • Medieval Feast

    This elaborate dinner allows students to immerse themselves in history with costumes, food, music, and play.
  • Technology Class

    Each year students showcase their computer coding, 3D printing, photography, video, and other skills learned in their technology class.
  • International Day

    Students share and learn about our diverse world during International Day. Activities include a parade of flags and a delicious food festival.

High School

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  • AP Courses

    Six AP courses are offered during the school year: Biology,
    Spanish, Statistics, Studio Art: Drawing, US History, and
    World History.
  • Honor Classes

    Eight honor classes are offered during the school year: Algebra II, American Literature, Biology II A & P, Chemistry,
    Geometry, Physics, Pre Calculus, and Natural Science.
  • University Classes—Dual Credit

    Two university classes with dual credit are offered during the school year: Calculus and College English.

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  • Government Trip

    The popular summer government trip allows students to visit the historic and important sites of government in New York, Philadelphia, and Washington, DC.
  • National Merit

    We are proud of our 11 National Merit Finalists and 40 Commended students over the past 10 years in the National Merit Scholarship competition
  • Technology Innovation Engineering

    Technology, Innovation, Engineering (T.I.E.) is a program for students interested in high-tech careers. Learn More


"My son was so excited to go to school every day because he didn't want to miss a day full of great activities."
Mission.   It is the mission of
Loma Linda Academy for all to:
 • Grow in God’s Grace
 • Thrive Intellectually
 • Develop True Friendships
 • Embrace Healthful Living