Effective March 14, 2022

Masks are not required for CC-12 students or staff, regardless of vaccination status.

Loma Linda Academy provides full-time, in-person instruction, with a masking policy that falls within state and government directives. As new guidance and practices become available, updates will be communicated to parents. Any future decision will be made based on the San Bernardino County Department of Public Health directives and guidance from the Southeastern California Conference Office of Education.

March 8, 2022 UPDATE

Dear LLA Parents and Guardians,
The California Department of Public Health (CDPH) updated their guidelines to indicate that masks will no longer be required, but strongly recommended, in preschools and K-12 schools as of March 12, 2022. As we have done throughout the pandemic, Loma Linda Academy will be following CPDH guidelines. Therefore, effective Monday, March 14, we will NOT be requiring masks for CC-12 students or staff, regardless of vaccination status.
We realize that this will be welcomed news for some, and a cause of concern for others. Students and staff members who wish to continue wearing a mask will be able to do so without any pressure to the contrary. Likewise, those who choose to no longer wear a mask will also be respected and able to do so without any pressure to wear one.
While masks will not be required, either indoors or outdoors, please keep in mind that if a student is sent to the health office with COVID symptoms, such as a cough or fever, the health office will provide them with a mask to wear while they wait to be picked up. This will be done to mitigate transmission to others who may be in the health office for other reasons. Please also be aware that there may be limited and specific times when your child(ren) will need to mask. We will proactively communicate when, and if, this may be required. 
We anticipate that the CDPH may issue further guidelines indicating how this new mandate will affect group tracing, music, and sports. I will be sure to update you as we receive more information.
Thank you for your patience and perseverance throughout the challenges of the pandemic.
Iveth Valenzuela
Head of Schools
Office: 909-796-0161 Ext. 3321

Symptom Decision Tree

UPDATE 1-31-22 Group Tracing Approach

Dear LLA Parents and Guardians,

The latest health and safety guidelines for schools issued by the California Department for Public Health include a group tracing approach for K-12 Schools that Loma Linda Academy will be implementing starting this week. Group tracing eliminates the need for modified quarantines, allowing all but those who test positive for COVID-19 or show symptoms of COVID-19 to participate in daily instruction, as well as all extra-curricular activities.

Using this new approach, Loma Linda Academy will continue to notify parents when their child is exposed to someone with COVID-19 on campus. This exposure will be determined by having shared a common indoor airspace for 15 minutes or more within a 24-hour period with a person who was contagious for COVID-19. Parents will be responsible to have their child tested for COVID-19 within 3-5 days of the exposure. LLA will continue to provide a testing option on campus; however, parents may opt to test at a different site, or use an at-home test.
Students who participate in testing on Day 3, 4, or 5 are permitted to remain in school and continue all school activities unless they develop symptoms or receive a positive test result. Loma Linda Academy will not track testing results, but rather, will rely on you as parents to report positive test results, just as you have been doing all this time, most recently through our COVID-19 reporting link. Details on receiving COVID test results if your child tests on campus will be included in any letter you receive should your child be exposed to COVID-19 at LLA.

Group Tracing Approach at-a-Glance
  • Loma Linda Academy notifies parents of exposure in child’s classroom(s).  
  • All students exposed, regardless of vaccination status, or recent infection of COVID-19 must test within 3-5 days of exposure.
  • Loma Linda Academy offers on-campus testing option.  
  • Parents ensure child tests within 3-5 days of exposure (PCR test through a lab and at-home test with FDA approval are acceptable).
  • Parents report any positive results to LLA through the COVID-19 reporting link and isolate child at home.
Students are only required to stay home if:
  • They refuse to test after a notice of exposure.  
  • They have one or more symptoms associated with COVID-19 or test positive.  
  • They live with someone who has COVID-19 and are unvaccinated.  
Please feel free to contact your division Principal or me if you have any questions regarding this new process. 
Iveth Valenzuela
Head of Schools

LLA COVID-19 Health & Safety Protocols

LLA's COVID-19 Health & Safety Protocols document has been developed based on guidelines and requirements provided by the Southeastern California Conference (SECC) Office of Education. The Office of Education guidelines are based on the best and most current health information known as of the latest revision date of this document. These guidelines follow the CDC, the American Academy of Pediatrics, California state education and public health departments, and local county recommendations.
As new guidance and practices become available, updates will be communicated to parents.
Mission.   It is the mission of
Loma Linda Academy for all to:
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