Admission Letter 3b - February 21

Instructions on Re-Enrollment
Dear Parents/Guardians,
Re-Enrollment begins in just one week! There are 4 required forms to complete (5 for elementary):
1. Emergency & Authorized Pick-up (PDF will be emailed out)
2. Lifestyle Commitment (myLLA online form)
3. Profile Update (myLLA online form)
4. Re-Enrollment Contract (myLLA online form)
5. Elementary Home & School Volunteer (myLLA online form for Elementary only)
Re-Enrolling between March 1 and March 15 will benefit your family in important ways:
• Your child’s spot will be reserved (with the contingency that you financially clear by July 10). On March 16, we will begin to fill the remaining classroom space with new students. Please don’t wait to re-enroll!
• The re-enrollment fee is discounted to $100 per child through March 15. On March 16, the re-enrollment fee will increase to $175 per child.
• Elementary Teacher/Friend Requests will only be available to those who complete re-enrollment by March 15 – they will be emailed out in May
• Junior High Homeroom and Elective Requests will be considered in the order re-enrollment is completed
• High School Class Schedule Appointments will be considered in the order re-enrollment is completed
How do I re-enroll?
1. On Friday, March 1, check your email for the Emergency and Authorized Pick-up. It’s a fillable PDF, so please complete ALL fields, save, and email it back to
2. Login to myLLA by visiting
3. Click on the yellow bar at the top: “Forms to Complete”
4. Follow the instructions on each form to submit. The re-enrollment contract will request payment of your discounted $100 before you submit.
5. Once all the forms (listed above) are complete, your child will be considered re-enrolled! LLA will hold your child’s seat as long as you financially clear by July 10, 2019.
Thank you for your allowing us the privilege of educating your child. Please contact admissions@lla.orgif you have any questions throughout this process.
Mission.   It is the mission of
Loma Linda Academy for all to:
 • Grow in God’s Grace
 • Thrive Intellectually
 • Develop True Friendships
 • Embrace Healthful Living