Portrait Project

LLA Art Students Create Portraits for Pakistani Students

Loma Linda Academy art students are connecting with students from around the world, including South America, Haiti, Africa, and, most recently, Pakistan. As part of the Memory Project, Portrait Program, students receive photographs of children from one of these locations and carefully draw a portrait of one of their new friends. After completing their drawing, the portraits are hand delivered by Memory Project staff and volunteers to the students who, often times, are viewing a photograph of themselves for the first time.
“This outreach experience fosters opportunities for my students to better understand the diverse perspectives and identities of students around the world,” shared Sara Gillespie, LLA Art Teacher who introduced the program six years ago. She went on to say, “it also enables my students to understand how their artistic talents can be used to help others appreciate their own self-worth.” Taking the time to connect, understand, and relate to others is an important educational opportunity for LLA students.

Watch a video of the Pakistani students receiving their custom portraits. To learn more, visit:
  The Memory Project

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