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Egg Drop Competition

Egg Drop Contest

To find out how you and your school can enter this exciting contest, read the rules and suggestions that follow.

Your challenge is to build a container to protect an egg when it is dropped from the Junior High Gym roof at Loma Linda Academy. (See objective below)

Walla Walla University has partnered with the Maker Faire Loma Linda (MFLL) to design a contest for teachers and their students to get involved at the MFLL. Students are encouraged to build a container to protect a raw egg when you drop it from the gym roof.
The objective of the competition is to design a device that will protect a large grade-A chicken egg from breaking when it is dropped. Entrants will compete to design the device with the lightest weight, the fewest number of parts, and the most accurate drop to the Drop Zone target (see equation at the end of the rules). The official 30cm frying pan target (Drop Zone) will be placed on the sidewalk 11.5 meters from the SOUTH wall of the Junior High Gym. Entrants submission will be launched from the roof 11.5 meters above the ground. All entries will be judged for both their creativity, originality, ingenuity and performance. There will be two categories for entry: Uncontrolled and Autonomously Controlled flight.
Requirements for Controlled entries (grades 5-8):
• Controlled flight entries must employ some technology that will guide the entry automatically after it leaves the roof.
• No control by the operator is permitted. For example, no remote control is allowed.

Requirement for Uncontrolled entries (grades K-4):
• Only gravity and initial velocity can be used to guide the entry.

General Rules for ALL Egg Drop Participants:
  1. All entries must be safe. That is, no entry will be allowed that has potential to harm a spectator. The judges and MFLL officials will disqualify any unsafe entry. 2. All entries must originate from the designated area on top of Kretschmar. 3. There is a 2-minute time limit for the flight starting from when the entrant’s name is called. 4. Only LLMMF supplied eggs may be used. An unofficial egg will disqualify the entrant. 5. All entrants must submit an entry title and a brief (15-20 word) description of the entry. 6. All entrants should register on line, and get a confirmed entry on Sunday, April 26that the Information Booth.
Scoring regulations:
1. An entry that breaks is automatically qualified for the humpty dumpty award.
2. Distance will be measured from the center of the frying pan to the final resting point of the egg.
3. The entry with the highest score determined from the following equation will be the winner.

Score = (70(E) + 10)e−D5 + Q E = 0 if egg is broken, else 1; D = distance in meters; Q = quality of design from 1-20 based on an engineering panel’s assessment of the entry’s originality, ingenuity and engineering quality

Prizes will be awarded at the end of the contest

Official rules for this contest:
  • You may work alone or in groups of up to 4.
  • You may not spend more than $15 on your container.
  • No motorized parts.
  • Nothing can be permanently attached to the egg.
  • Your container must be in free fall during the drop. No bungee cords or tethers.
  • No container that would change the properties of the egg such as cooking.
  • The egg must be visible to spectators while in the container (have to see the face drawn on by judges).
  • Grand Prize: Will be awarded to the person or group that protects their egg most successfully, i.e. after the most drops and highest drop and has highest score.
  • Prizes: Completion certificates will be awarded to all who survive the roof top drop.
  • Prizes will also be awarded for "most creative design" and "best decorated"
  • Teachers must complete the Egg Drop Contest entry form (see below) and submit it two weeks prior to the event (due April 10th, 2020 – Good Friday).
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