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Trebuchet Competition

A trebuchet is similar to a catapult, but instead of using tension, uses a counterweight to provide rotation of the arm. Use the physics you have learned and see what you can achieve.

Official Trebuchets Rules:
  1. Each group must have this form from beginning to end. All violations of rules will be recorded on this form. If the form is lost, no score will be given. Signatures must be obtained on the required date unless changed by Judge Heidi Elssmann.
  2. Each of the due dates above must be met and signed off by Mrs. Elssmann. Email application and pictures to by the due date. The photos must have ALL the group members participating in the progress EACH TIME.
  3. Base dimensions 1.2 m X 1.2 m. Variances allowed within 5.0 cm.
  4. Scores will go in the test category and are based upon the following:                   
    1. 0 – 3 m            5
    2. >3 – 5 m          8
    3. >5 – 7 m          11
    4. >7 – 10 m        14
    5. >10 – 13 m      17
    6. >13 m              20
    7. The official baseball will be used to launch
    8. The trebuchet must be absolutely safe.
      1. If there are any nails that fall out during the launches, points will be subtracted.
      2. Any splintering of wood during launches will earn a deduction.
      3. Any wood or other part that breaks during the launches will result in a zero score.
      4. The base of the trebuchet must be secured. I.E. it must not rotate during the firing. You may use weights to secure the base, or a stake that is pre-approved by maintenance so that the grass is not affected/Maker Faire Loma Linda Supplied if requested.
      5. The release mechanism for the launch must be absolutely safe. No body parts can be at risk at any time.
      6. Trebuchets must be brought BEFORE 9:00 am on Sunday, 4/26/20.
      7. Trebuchets must be removed by 2:00 pm on Sunday, 4/26/20
      8. Each member of each group must be conversant on the physics of a trebuchet. When anyone asks how it works, you must be able to answer intelligently using the physics concepts. Research the topic and make a script for yourself to memorize if necessary.
      9. Awards will be decided on by points and distance.

SECC Physics, Science, Technology, Art, Shop, and Maker Teachers
The Inland Empire Maker Faire Loma Linda 2020 is having a Trebuchets competition April 26, 2020 at the faire. Attached are the rules if your students would like to join in this competition. Mrs. Heidi Elssman will be the head judge at the faire. We are looking for some assistants that would be willing to help her that day at the Faire in the running and judging of the Trebuchets and the launching.
If you are interested in helping, please contact her at or at We will be doing this competition as well as a drone flight competition for student-built drones, with different age brackets. There will also be a Quick Paint “en plein air” competition as well.
If you or any of your students would like to have a hands-on booth, they are free and we welcome more “makers” of all ages.
Our focus of the faire is STREAMS. Science, Technology, Religion, Engineering, Arts, Math, and Service. Each category has things that make life better. This is what we are trying to promote. We had Math, Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Poetry, Writing, Service, Mission Projects, and more represented this year. We had the World’s Largest Robotic Giraffe in attendance. So big, 4-6 people could ride it at one time.
This year we had 108 booths with over 300 makers represented. All focusing on inspiring our students to be “MAKERS” and problem solvers. We had Andrews, La Sierra, Loma Linda, Southern, Southwestern, PUC, and Walla Walla professors there as well with hands-on booths. Students could meet the actual instructors of their programs if they attend those schools.
Join us to make this SECC event a huge success so we can have a Maker Faire in the Inland Empire that our students can attend on a Sunday, not on a Saturday like most fairs.
Thank you,
Gene Oswald
Loma Linda Academy TIE/Industrial Technology Teacher
Maker Faire Coordinator
(714) 488-6010 cell
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