Tuition and Financial Aid

We understand that finances play a role in your child’s education.

Tuition is an investment in your child’s future. For many families who demonstrate a financial need, we look for ways to help so they can make that investment. Let’s work together to find a solution for your child’s education.


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Financial Aid

To help ensure that every child has an opportunity to receive a Christian education, LLA offers a Need-Based Financial Assistance program. If you have financial concerns, we encourage you to begin by applying for aid through the program, which provides over $250,000 in need-based scholarships each year.
Please contact us if you have any concerns about tuition. Private financial aid consultations are available. Please call 909-796-0161, ext. 3351, to schedule a consultation. There are multiple sources for aid and we would be happy to meet to discuss your family’s unique needs. Providing an opportunity for your child to have access to a Christian education is important to us.


Financial Aid applications for the 2021-2022 school year open on March 7, 2021.

Steps to Apply for Aid:

  1. Click on the ‘2021-2022 Financial Aid Application’ button (March 7 and after).
  2. You will be directed to Smart Aid, where you will need to create a login. LLA school code: 13292
  3. Click on ‘Continue Application’. Before submission, Smart Aid will require a $30 payment.
  4. After the application is submitted, required tax documents will be determined. These can be uploaded online.
  5. Once the Smart Aid application and required documents have been submitted, the LLA Tuition Aid Committee will review and make a decision. Please allow 3 weeks after submitting your aid application & additional documents to receive the Tuition Aid Committee’s decision.

If you would like to apply for aid for 2020-2021 school year, please contact Carmen Soto by email at or by phone at (909) 796-0161, ext. 3351.

Financial Aid decisions will be given within 3 weeks of submitting a completed application and required supporting documents to Smart Aid.

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Tuition Rebates 2020

Update: We will begin our school year on August 24 with remote learning. We will keep families updated as soon as we are able to re-open campus.

Dear Parents,

Loma Linda Academy is continuing to monitor state requirements for on campus learning and distance learning.  Based on the latest information from the State of California and the San Bernardino County Public Health Department, we are likely to begin our school year on August 24 with distance learning.  We are applying for a waiver that would allow us to provide on-campus learning for grades TK-6 while continuing with distance learning for those who choose to do so.  We will communicate the results of that request as soon as we receive them from the San Bernardino County Public Health Office.

If we are not allowed to offer on campus instruction for your student’s grade, then you will be offered a tuition rebate.  In the event we are granted a waiver for grades TK-6, a rebate will not be offered for those grades. Students who receive tuition assistance greater than 60% of tuition will not be eligible for this rebate.   Whenever we are required to transition to remote learning, LLA will offer the following tuition rebates two weeks after distance learning begins:

o    Grades TK – 3      40%
o    Grades 4 – 6        20%
o    Grades 7 – 8        10%
o    Grades 9 – 12        5%

We have already given two weeks’ notice that distance learning may begin on August 24, so the rebate period would start on the first day of school.  If on-campus learning returns during the year, and then another mandate requires distance learning, a two-week notice period would take place without any rebate for those two weeks.

The rebate will be based on each family’s share of tuition, less the portion that covers beginning-of-the-year supplies for grades TK-8, field trips, and any form of tuition assistance.  Any field trips that are canceled will be refunded separately. Tuition assistance includes aid to parents from any source (including, but not limited to school, church, conference, union, educational allowance, scholarships, endowments, community funds, and corporate assistance).

We will apply the tuition rebate percentage to the amount of tuition that remains after the above deductions, based on grade level.

Example:  If annual tuition is $8,000 for your Junior High student, and the portion of tuition for school supply fees and field trip fees is $500, and tuition aid is $2,000 for the year, then we would subtract $500 and $2,000 from the tuition of $8,000, leaving $5,500.  Junior High students would receive a 10% rebate for distance learning, so $5,500 x 10% = $550 for the year.

We would then divide the $550 by 175 school days to arrive at a daily rebate rate of $3.14 per school day.  Each month, from the 16th of the month to the 15th of the following month, we will count the actual number of distance learning days and multiply it by the daily rate of $3.14 to arrive at the total credit for that monthly period.  That credit will be applied to your Smart Tuition account by the 20th day of that month so that it is available to you as a credit when the next tuition payment is due.

Our goal is to help your child remain enrolled, even if you are experiencing a financial hardship.  If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the Business Office at (909) 796-0161, ext. 3351.  Thank you for choosing Loma Linda Academy for your child’s education.  

Richard Brooks
Business Administrator
Loma Linda Academy

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