Student Life

Campus Ministries

Our Faith on Campus.

Faith is at the very core of what we offer at Loma Linda Academy. Our prayer is that each student leaves our campus with a deeper relationship with God.

Bible Curriculum

As part of one of the largest and oldest K-12 parochial school networks in the world, Loma Linda Academy draws from years of experience in Bible curriculum.

Starting at the Children's Center, there is a strong spiritual framework that incorporates social-emotional learning programs, servant leadership opportunities, and meaningful connections and partnerships. As our students continue through Elementary, Junior High, and High School, we foster an environment where students encounter God.

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  • Why choose LLA?

    LLA campus ministries offers a unique student experience missing from a public school environment.

What is Campus Ministries?

Campus Ministries is run by student ministry directors and student chaplains who partner with their peers to vision, plan, and create meaningful ministries. Loma Linda Academy’s Campus Ministries program seeks to foster individuals who are Christ-centered, purpose-driven, and people-empowering. Throughout high school and junior high, there is always an opportunity to serve through campus ministries.


Monthly chapels, classroom worship, and Bible curriculum are only part of the ministry at the elementary. The social-emotional program called Grounded Kids focuses on teaching four core values: emotional intelligence, respect, integrity, and grit. These core values are rooted in the love and teachings of Jesus. The four core values are intentionally reinforced in the classroom and in student discipline.

We have seen a shift in the way students interact with one another; furthermore, we have received feedback from parents about how their child is putting the social skills into practice.

Junior High

The purpose of a campus ministry team at the junior high level is to provide leadership and direction in fostering the moral and spiritual well-being on a student-led basis. The goal of this student team is to create a space for junior high students to take ownership of their worship experience through weekly chapel programs and lunchtime Bible studies. 

Student Chapel Team 
A chapel team of at least 6 student-leaders (Junior High Ministry Directors) will streamline chapel planning and create an opportunity for students to take ownership of the worship experience for their peers. This team could meet weekly. The high school chaplain facilitates this meeting along with 2 high school ministry directors from the high school chapel team. 

Lunch Bible Studies
The High School chaplains, the Elementary chaplain, or a local pastor will lead lunchtime Bible Studies covering topics chosen by the Junior High Ministry Directors. 

Junior High Ministry Directors
Students apply to become ministry directors that have the responsibility to brainstorm, plan, and carry out ministries on the junior high campus. This team of students will meet at least bi-weekly. The team would meet with the high school chaplain and student chaplain. 

High School

High School Campus Ministries is made of a team of fifty ministry directors and five student chaplains that lead in the following departments.

  • Bible Studies
    • Twice a week during lunch in the ministry center
    • 3-4-week courses on Scripture
      • Who is Jesus?
      • What is my purpose?
      • Does Christianity matter today?
  • Prayer Experiences
    • Prayer walks for teachers
      • Once a month
      • Groups of 2 students
    • Prayer Space
      • During weeks-of-prayers
      • In Heritage Room
      • Create a variety of activities that emphasize prayer
    • Take prayer requests and share prayer celebrations in chapel, around campus, morning memos
  • Breaking Bread
    • 7:35AM every Monday morning at the senior circle
    • Intentional time to connect and encourage with other students
    • Free small breakfast
  • Lighthouse
    • Every Thursday lunch, local pastors engage with students
    • Games, panels, small group discussions, give out food, participate in noontime activities
  • Lunchtime Primetime
    • Once a month during a lunch
    • Some kind of connection event
      • Karaoke
      • Rock Band Game
      • Free cotton candy, quesadillas, or snow cones
  • Workshops
    • Mini lectures/panels from professionals that give advice on life skills
      • How to budget, eating on a budget, fitness on a schedule, study habits, doing taxes, college applications/applying for a scholarship, how to interview for a job, etc.
    • Music workshops
      • Guitar, vocals, drums, keys, etc
  • Birthday Celebrations
    • Give a package to each student on his or her birthday
    • Celebrate Summer birthdays with a small party

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  • Only for Adventists?

    No! We welcome all families from religious or non-religious traditions and strive to create a safe space for learning. We encourage students to make good moral decisions. Christian beliefs and values are presented in a positive way in all classes and activities.

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  • Mission Trips

    Local and international mission projects provide high school students with an opportunity to serve others while expanding their worldview.

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  • What is an MD?

    Ministry Directors (MDs) are student leaders who plan and lead in activities designed to point others to Christ.

High School Events

•  Chapel

•  Christmas Palooza

•  Spring Shindig

•  3 Week-of-Prayers

•  Church on Campus

•  TK-12 Assembly
A Friend of Jesus: Facilitating opportunities for students to serve and study scripture empowers them to recognize their own spiritual gifts. We take seriously the gift of helping our students see themselves as a child of God and friend of Jesus.

Campus Ministries Center

Ask for a tour! Designed as a trendy lounge, the "CMC" has comfortable seating and a small stage — perfect for a variety of engaging ministry activities.

Educational Success Consultation:

Call to schedule a one-on-one Educational Success Consultation.
(909) 796-0161, option 1


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  • JO Cordero

    Campus Pastor
    Junior High & High School
Mission.   It is the mission of
Loma Linda Academy for all to:
 • Grow in God’s Grace
 • Thrive Intellectually
 • Develop True Friendships
 • Embrace Healthful Living