The success of Loma Linda Academy’s educational program depends on our ability to attract and support talented students from a diversity of backgrounds, not just those who can afford to pay the full cost. Named Endowed Funds for Student Aid are a priority at Loma Linda Academy.

We seek thoughtful and generous donors who wish to invest in learning by establishing a new scholarship(s) and other named endowed funds for financial aid.

Student Aid Endowment Fund

The fund enables us to bring students of varying backgrounds to our campus. We are currently seeking generous donors who would like to make a world of a difference for our talented students.

If you would like to set-up a Named Endowed Fund or have questions, please contact Joni Woodhouse at (909)796-0161 Ext. 3316 or   

Current Endowed Funds
  • Ballou Family Scholarship
  • Booster Club Endowment
  • Clark Davis Scholarship for Excellence in Leadership
  • The Class of 2005 Scholarship
  • Douglas Peterson Memorial Scholarship
  • Elsie Chan/Ardyce Koobs String Endowment
  • Evelyn Heinrich Memorial Scholarship
  • Feldkamp/Jacobson Endowment Scholarship
  • Gayle Rhoads Endowment for Campus Maintenance and Equipment Upgrading
  • Gordon Day Scholarship Endowment
  • Harley Boehm Annual Fund
  • Jenny and John Laurell Scholarship
  • John Kerbs Endowment for Teacher Development and Recognition
  • The Lawson & Rita Sutherland Speakers Bureau
  • Mary E. Rodricks Memorial Scholarship
  • Mr. Lam Kwai Choi Memorial Scholarship (Lee Family)
  • Nancy Harlan Scholarship
  • Radich Scholarship
  • Skoretz Family Endowment
  • Teacher Enrichment (Class of 1987) Endowment Fund
  • Follett Endowed Fund