Magazine Drive

To browse the catalogs and place orders for Elementary, click HERE
To browse the catalogs and place orders for High School, click HERE

Magazine Drive begins September 17, 2019 for Elementary and High School.
When ordering, remember to use your individual school code:

Elementary Magazine Order - use ID# 441857
High School Magazine order - use ID# 441865

Turn in days 2019
Elementary: Oct. 3, 10
High School: Oct. 3, 17

Online donation Instructions
To make a donation for Magazine Drive, click the link below. Under "My Gift is For..." you'll find a place for "Area of Need" Select "Other" enter the information that will help us identify you as noted below:
"magazine drive, [students name, teacher name, grade]"

Donate Online for Magazine Drive

The Advancement Department will not issue acknowledgment letter for online donations of $25 or less to the Magazine Drive

PRIZES - Elementary
PRIZES - High School

Mission.   It is the mission of
Loma Linda Academy for all to:
 • Grow in God’s Grace
 • Thrive Intellectually
 • Develop True Friendships
 • Embrace Healthful Living