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TIE Program

What is TIE?
TIE stands for Technology, Innovation, & Engineering. The TIE program at Loma Linda Academy is a sequence of 4 classes in technology education, plus pre-calculus and physics. These classes supplement the regular academic program and are designed to prepare students for professions in a wide range of high tech fields. As stated by former TIE students, the participation in medicine, dentistry, aerospace, engineering as well as other fields are enhanced by this knowledge and experience from this program.

Who can enroll in the TIE program?
Incoming freshmen in good academic standing with an interest in a technical, medical, dental, or engineering type profession are encouraged to apply.

These classes are taken in sequence in addition to the standard academic program.

Wood Science & Construction Technology
Basic methods in manipulating all industrial materials by cutting, shaping, and joining of wood and other soft materials. Safe use of equipment. Introduction to construction technology, framing, and the housing industry.

Graphic Science & Communication Technology
Reading and drawing technical plans, and illustrations. Architectural and engineering drawing. Learning computer CAD, 3D, and other drawing applications.

Manufacturing Technology
Basic manipulation of ferrous and nonferrous metals, foundry, welding, machining, heat treating, robotics, and principles of manufacturing. Introduction to CNC manufacturing and 3D printing.

Energy, Power, & Transportation Technology
Basic methods of generating power and its practical applications with the use of electricity, gears, hydraulics, and pneumatics, especially as applied in different forms of transportation and robotics. The study of safety engineering and how robotics are used in all aspects fo life.

What will I do in Class?
Classes are hands-on activity-based, though there will be occasional homework.
You will learn how to safely operate power tools.
You will work with metal, wood, plastic, and other types of industrial materials.
You will learn how to read and draw 
CAD technical and 3D drawings and other technical illustrations.
You will make things while learning the science and efficiency of modern technological methods.

How to Apply

Please send the following information after submitting the application below. Send info via email to: (Please send your email from Gmail, Hotmail, iCloud or any other email service, excluding Please do not send from your LLA school email address
  • A picture of yourself.
  • Pictures of technological/building/science/art project(s) you have completed yourself (personal or school)
  • Two teacher Recommendations; Send teacher info via email to: including name, phone number, and email address. We will provide the form to the teacher.
  • Following Essays (Label each essay separately and answer all three questions):
    1. What you would like to do in the future (career) and why?
    2. Why you want to be in the TIE program?
    3. Types of services projects you have participated in? (Church, school, community, etc.)

TIE Application

Please send the following information after submitting the application. Send info via email to: · A. Pictures of technological/building/science project(s) you have completed yourself (personal or school) · B. Two teacher Recommendations; Please email me and give me their name, phone number, and email address so I can contact them and send them the recommendation form · C. Following Essays (Label each essay separately and answer all three): 1) What you would like to do in the future (career) and why? 2) Why you want to be in the TIE program 3) Types of services projects you have participated in

TIE Program

List of 1 items.

  • Technical Professions

    • Architect
    • Engineer
    • Patent Attorney
    • Geologist
    • Controller
    • Metallurgist
    • Aviation Administration
    • Dentistry
    • Industrial Safety
    • Biomedical Electronics
    • Archeologist
    • Occupational Therapist
    • Tool and Die Maker
    • Cabinet Maker/Manufacturer
    • Building Inspector
    • Plant/Operations Manager
    • Automotive Mechanic
    • Insurance Adjuster
    • Prosthetics Technician
    • Model Maker

Quotes from Students & Parents

"The activities you describe my son will be experiencing in your class would have better prepared me for my work as an orthopedic surgeon than anything I every took in school."
"Jeremy wasn't quite sure he wanted to be an engineer, but it was your class that helped him make up his mind." - Mother of Nike shoes engineer

"We had to make extensive construction improvements to our house and also to the local church. We collected our water using a catchment basin and used solar panels to charge batteries for electricity at night . . . he said we were the only student missionaries he'd ever seen that knew what they were doing."
"Although Eric was an A and B student, he hated school. Your class was the only bright spot in his day. I don't think we could have gotten him to school if it wasn't for TIE."
"The TIE program helped me prepare for Dentistry better than anything else I took in school. If you get a
chance to get into TIE, take it!"

"I may only be a freshman Walla Walla Engineering student, but second semester they made me lab
assistant for the senior Engineering students!"

"It was your class that helped Ryan decide to become an architect! He loved TIE!"

"I am in the country of Jordan on an archaeological dig. When I was in TIE, I was extremely lost in drafting and mapping. Now I have to do it every day while managing the progress I make in my archaeological space. The help you gave me has made it easier to do. Thanks!"

"When I was in school you had to choose between the academics or the technical. Here you get both."

"When Jeremy went to Andrews he said he wanted to take something that reminded him of home. He took the lamp he made in TIE."
Mission.   It is the mission of
Loma Linda Academy for all to:
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